Over the years, Annie has been involved in a number of special projects, involving aviation. Folks from the film and advertising industry, as well as event organisers, often make Annie their first port of call
Needing to get somewhere quickly and nobody is heading that way? Do you need a charter for your business, your camera crew, a well-deserved holiday on a remote island, to move any cargo, or a combination of cargo and people?
Another passion of Annie’s is managing various aerobatic teams. Since 2008, she has been involved in managing teams that compete at the various World Championships and airshows around the world.
Having lost a number of close friends to aviation accidents, Annie decided to add a serious section to the website, concerning aviation safety, and news or information about aircraft accidents.
whats happening
Want to know what aviation events are happening in South Africa or abroad?
Apart from being a helicopter, fixed wing and aerobatic pilot in her spare time, Annie is also a businesswoman and devoted mother to her 3 children. In 2008 Annie became the first woman in South Africa to lead a formation display, and was awarded a silver medal as team manager at the 2010 World Aerobatic Championships. Annie has been awarded South African colours for her work with various teams.

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You have come to the right place for the latest news and updates on aerobatic contests, airshows and other aviation events!

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