Price: € 177 000 excl VAT (Negotiable)

MODEL: 2012 (Original owner from factory)
Fuselage hrs: 300 hrs
Engine Hrs: 300 hrs - Lycoming AEIO 580 L1B5, 315HP - MPV50 Engine Monitor
Prop hrs: 300 hrs - 3-blade MTV-9-B-C/C203-20d

Avionices & other Equipment:
G-meter – Falcon 510-2, VHF/Intercom – Funkgerät ATR 833 57mm Rundgehäuse, bestehend aus ATR833 + SSATR2 25pol, Transponder – Mode-S TRT800H with TRT800EM WE9191, ELT - Kannad 406 AF-compact, DigitalAttitudeGyrosRCA2600-3, GPS – Garmin aera 550, Digital Clock - E.I. - SC-5, ASI (km/h) 6531, ALT (m) Winter 4FGH10, 12V-socket, VSI (Vario) Winter-10m/s 5261, Compass PAI-700

Other information:
Cruise Speed 170kts , Certified for +/-10G, and has a Smoke System: 30L Tank, Electric Fill System
The aircraft is in excellent condition inside and out, and has been hangared at all times. All mandatory SBs and ADs carried out by the factory and Xtremeair certified service center, and Arc & Annual carried out. The aircraft is Poland Registered.
At the moment the aircraft is wrapped in Polish Air Force paint skin, but of course it’s possible to remove it.

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