Over the years, Annie has been involved in a number of special projects, involving aviation. Folks from the film and advertising industry, as well as event organisers, often make Annie their first port of call, when looking for weird and wonderful ideas for their films, adverts or promotions. If you are looking for skywriting, or banner towing, or an aerobatic display, Annie is your person. You might simply need to source a specific type of aircraft, or get skydivers for an event, or even a hot air balloon. What ever your requirements, Annie can source what you need and manage the project, including all the special permissions you will need to have in place. She was also a key figure in the success of the 2014 Intermediate and Yak 52 World Championships which took place in South Africa, and in her role as assistant contest director, she was pivotal in managing the contest from start to finish. So if you have a special project or event in mind, no matter how crazy you think the idea might be, give us a buzz and we will let you know if it is “ do-able ” or not, and even help with the creative if needed.

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